Background Information:
The Internet is quickly becoming an extension of our everyday lives. We are now able to use it for uses that previously were impossible or too costly to be performed on a small scale. No longer do you have to look to government funding to be a part of this new technology. In our office we have set up a 'webcam'. Simply put, it is a video camera that is hooked up to the Internet, allowing visitors to literally take a look inside our office. Our camera is setup to push real-video as fast as possible. IE users only get a new pic every 20minutes. We also have an interactive feature added to ours, which allows you to send us messages that will be 'spoken' to us by one of our Macintosh computers. If we're in the mood, we can reply to you in real-time (okay 5 second delay) through a text-box on the webpage. Go to the webcam. For more technical info about our particular setup, click here

All this said and done, why would YOU want a webcam?
just a demo shot
click on image for current view

Show off your establishment, warehouse, view.
With all of the anonymity of the web, it's hard for a websurfer not to believe your company is legitimate when you let them take a look inside.

Password protected sites can allow only the top-executives to keep an 'eye' on the shop-floor while they are out travelling around the world.

Granted not quite as polished as true video conferencing through televisions, but then again, not near as costly either.

Personal uses
Keep an eye on your kids while you are at work.
Watch your lake view that you work too hard to afford.

Our webcam history:
We have had up to 3 video cameras sending video images in real-time. The server was configured to push a new image as fast as it could to the user. This was taken down due to the fact we needed to use the computer for more productive tasks than having all of its time spent transferring video, not to mention the amount of bandwidth it was hogging. The 3 cameras we've had online at one point include a color and a B/W Quickcam, and a Canon hi-8 camcorder. The cameras are connected to an
Apple Macintosh computer running WebCamToo 1.4 software with an ISDN connection. Contact us for a demonstration.

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